Chandigarh, one amongst the first and the best planned cities of India! Designed by Le Corbusier, a French architect, the city mesmerizes you with its simplicity. It was named after Goddess Chandi, the Goddess of Power, and is the shared capital of the states of Haryana and Punjab. Situated at a distance of hardly 250 km from Delhi, Chandigarh is one of the popular holiday destinations for its residents. Though the city, being relatively very young, does not have historical monuments to boast of, it definitely manages to impress the tourists with its modern architecture and natural beauty (parks, lakes, etc).

Capitol Complex
Approx 3 KM (By Car 5 Minutes, by walk 15 Minutes)

One of the most visited places in Chandigarh; the Capitol Complex is situated in Sector-1. It comprises
of the Secretariat, the Assembly and the High Court. The geometrical concrete buildings of the complex,
emerging elegantly out of the ground, comprise of the headquarters of the Government of Punjab as well
as Haryana

The Open Hand
Approx 3 KM (By Car 5 Minutes, by walk 15 Minutes)

‘The Open Hand’ is one of the most impressive monuments in Chandigarh. Situated in the
Capitol Complex, it comprise of a giant hand, rising 85 feet high from a hollow trench. Made of metal
sheets, the hand is capable of rotating and delivers the message that the city gladly receives all,
without any distinction.

Sector 17
Approx 1 KM (By Car 2 Minutes, by walk 5 Minutes)

The most popular hangout of youngsters, Sector 17 houses the most upscale shopping market of Chandigarh.
Apart from the market, the sector also prides itself on being dotted with fountains, sculptures and
groves of trees. In short, it is completely a shopper’s as well as a pedestrian’s paradise!

Sukhna Lake
Approx 3 KM (By Car 5 Minutes, by walk 15 Minutes)

The nature lovers will find the Sukhna Lake of Chandigarh perfect for them. Situated in Sector 1, the lake
was created by building an artificial dam on a seasonal stream. Go for boating, relax in the restaurant
situated there or just sit on the 2-km-long promenade and take in the beauty of nature.
Rock Garden
Approx 3 KM (By Car 5 Minutes, by walk 15 Minutes)

Rock Garden is perhaps the most frequented tourist attraction in the city. Being the unique garden that it
is, the popularity is perfectly understandable. Situated near the Capitol Complex, it is spread over an
area of around 12 acres. Built by Nek Chand, the garden comprises of art objects that have been made from
urban waste material.

Shanti Kunj
Approx 1 KM (By Car 2 Minutes, by walk 5 Minutes)

Situated between Rose Garden and Cricket Stadium, this garden is a completely noise-free area with
natural undulations. The natural stream running through this garden divides the park into five areas.
The five parts of the garden depict different kinds of trees such as medical plants, vertical trees,
flowering trees, environmentally suitable trees and also trees for shade.

Rose Garden
Approx 1 KM (By Car 2 Minutes, by walk 5 Minutes)

Named after India’s former President Dr. Zakir Hussain, it is the first largest garden of the city and the
largest Rose Garden in Asia. It is spread over an area of 27 acres and has thousand of varieties of roses.
Along with the roses, emphasis has been given to the trees of medicinal value and some unique species of
trees to enhance the beauty of the garden. The annual ‘Rose Festival’ is organized in the Rose Garden in
the month of February and is enlisted in the ‘National Calendar of Events’

Leisure Valley
Approx 3 KM (By Car 5 Minutes, by walk 15 Minutes)

A continuum of various theme gardens to take care of the body and spirit of the city. Le Corbusier retained
the eroded valley of a seasonal rivulet on the original site of the city and sculpted it onto a linear park
now over 8 Km long. It starts from sector 1 in the north and leaves Chandigarh at its southern most edge
in Sector 53.

Museum & Art Gallery
Approx 2 KM (By car 3 minutes, by walk 10 Minutes)

The distinctiveness of the Museum and Art Gallery, Chandigarh, India lies in its architecture and rich
collection. An architectural delight, designed by the famed Le Corbusier, the museum was inaugurated in
1968. From its inception to its present stage, it has grown enormously including in its gamut, activities
intended to bring people closer to the museum. The immensely popular Government Museum and Art Gallery
holds a substantial collection of antiquities and Indian contemporary art. The piece de
is its renowned collection of Gandhara sculptures and Pahari miniature
painting that have put the museum on the tourist map of art connoisseurs. The different sections
of the museum are designed to showcase the collection of the Indian textiles, Indian metal and stone
sculpture, decorative art, Indian miniature painting and Indian contemporary art.

International Dolls Museum
Approx 1 KM (By Car 2 Minutes, by walk 5 Minutes)

International Dolls Museum, situated in Sector 23 of Chandigarh, has a vast collection of dolls and
puppets from all over the world. It is open throughout the week, except Sunday.

Other Gardens
Bougainvillea Garden, Sector-3 Garden of Fragrance , sector-36 Hibiscus Garden, Sector-36 Botanical Garden, Sector 14/ Sarangpur Terraced Garden ,Sector 33